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Recommended accommodation - Old town, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Tourist information

Old Town is by all means the most fascinating and the most eye-catching area of Dubrovnik. Considering that it occupies a somewhat smaller town part, it is most ideal to sightsee by walking. Even though seriously ravaged by the 1667 earthquake, Dubrovnik has succeeded to maintain its medieval, renaissance and baroque churches, abbeys and water fountains. While strolling via the charming town streets you will not just discover the most fascinating attractions, but likewise experience the unique, quite mystic ambience raising from the archaic stone wall structures. The fragrance of Mediterranean herbs, the brightness of the bed sheets drying in the sunlight between the residences, the consistent babble of the citizens on the slim, hectic streets. The most suitable method to discover, to experience the town is to combine with the crowd and let it take you on an memorable trip via the labyrinth of Dubrovnik town streets and through hundred of years.

The Old Town can be somewhat tough to navigate on first appearances, as it truly is a warren of small alleys. There are nevertheless marks at the entries to most of these streets promoting what companies, stores, dining establishments and apartments or hotels are to be discovered in that direction. When you get in via the town gates you will find yourself staring at the gorgeous Onofrio Fountain, the preferred meeting point of the town youngsters. Possibly the most attractive and fascinating masterpiece of this section of the Old Town is the Franciscan Abbey constructed in the late middle ages period of time. It is among the finest and most harmonious illustrations of Gothic and Romanesque design in Dubrovnik. The church of the abbey is frequently a location for different performances all over the year.


As you stroll on, you will find yourself on the well-known and popular Dubrovnik town street, Stradun. With its countless souvenir stores, museums, coffee bars and dining establishments, Stradun is certainly never noiseless. As you make your way through the masses, you can have a good time in the shows of lots of street performers. The architectural concept of Stradun exposes practical solutions and the business feeling of the Dubrovnik Republic in those tough periods.

Dubrovnik Town walls

The most famous site that specify the visage of the old town of Dubrovnik and provide the town its attribute and world recognized credibility are the unaffected town wall structures; the walls encompass the town with a overall length of 1940 metres. The Dubrovnik Old Town is entirely encircled by wall structures and citadels, including the Old Town Harbor. The past of the strongholds in Dubrovnik returns to the early Middle Ages. These days, a stroll throughout the town walls is a real traveler attraction. From this perspective, it is simplest to understand the Old Town of Dubrovnik, as a different angle of the town opens from each and every new observing point, particularly when you look down upon the streets and plazas that reveal a complete array of attractive facts. Right here you can enjoy the ambience of the town and its configuration in size and width, which is difficult to detect while taking a walk throughout the town roads. Together with remarkable pictures of the town, this kind of a walk will expose a spectacular sight of the open sea before Dubrovnik and offers a view of the town surroundings.

The Old Town does not lose its glow after sundown; on the contrary. Many music and theater performances on the town plazas and a range of events in the plenty of town locations maintain the dynamic of the town life long after sundown.
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